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What Others Are Saying About Trinitarian Letters

TRINITARIAN LETTERS describes how you have been chosen by God and adopted by God and included in the life of God since before creation—all made possible by Jesus Christ.

"Pastor Paul Kurts illustrates through this important work a Universal Theology of Love that Jesus would be immensely pleased with today. Paul demonstrates how all humanity are recipients of life and immortality through Jesus. These Christian messages inspire great hope for all, showing the reader the vast difference between true Christian teachings of unconditional love and that of religious dogma and bondage. Truely freeing!"
Dr. Stanley D. Murphy, Ed.D., President, SMP Logistics, LLC

Pastor Paul Kurts offers a refreshing panorama of Trinitarian Grace including ALL in relationship WITH the Triune God. Paul shows us we are eternally called and invited into the rich relationship shared between the Father and the Son wonderfully wrapped up in the person of the Holy Spirit."
Rev. Michael Rayson, O.S.L., Pastor St. Paul UMC, Brighton, Illinois

"This is a delightful read for every Christian who desires all to know the authentic gospel. It is so refreshing to see pastors taking seriously the exciting implications of the vicarious humanity of Christ. Pastor Paul doesn't pretend to answer every question, but he is passionately turned on to the authentic GOOD NEWS and to giving words of hope to the hopeless. I recommend it."
Dr. Joseph Tkach, President, Grace Communion International

"Thank you, Paul, for the book! I'm reading it now and as you can see on my FaceBook profile page, I'm suggesting it to others. I appreciate your message and the clarity with which you share it!"
Steve McVey, President, Grace Walk Ministries, and best-selling author

The Huntsville-area-based Pastor Paul Kurts has collected a pastor's career of notes, written in the form of short letters, on the nature of the Trinity, that mysterious three-in-one nature of God as understood by most Christians. Far from dry, technical theology, the book pulses with Kurts' loving proclamation of God's saving grace—for every human being, even those who don't know or believe in Jesus. Laced with Bible verses and references to other theologians, Kurts has written an accessible and inspiring explanation of God's unconditional love.
Kay Campbell, Faith & Values Editor and Reporter, Huntsville Times


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