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Feb 19, 2011

OK. I won't tell you things in this blog, I will just ask you questions and tell you where you can get the answers the same as I.

I want to talk about HELL. Damn skippy. Where do you think the modern Western Theological concept of an everlasting , torturing , burning, punishing , retributive hell comes from? Have you ever looked into the subject, or have you just assumed that what you have been taught or thought was CORRECT? Well, let's see.

The worlds religions going back to the first, Zoroastrianism, had a concept of reward and punishment. Heaven for your good out weighing your bad and torture for your evil outweighing your good. On to the Egyptians. They had the concept of a torture of the underworld for evil and reward for good. Then the Greeks, who had a concept of reward for good and the 'netherworld' for evil people. Plato in the 4th century B.C. gave this a name and it was HELL after a Greek goddess named hel.

Now here is where I depart from explaining all of this to you all, I just want you to GOOGLE SEARCH , Plato's Hell, Egyptian Hell, and Greek Hell. Then I want you to Google search , Catholic Hell. WOW. Do you see a connection. How did all of this Hell get into the Church of Jesus Christ?

Now Google search St. Augustine and Hell and see what he did to invest this concept into the early Catholic Church. Are you getting the picture here.

I want to send you some articles on the concept of hell as to what it is and what it is NOT. Just email me at and I will send it all to you.

Or, you can keep your head burried in the sand and ignore the truth of what hell is NOT.

God bless,

Paul Kurts


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