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Apr 24, 2012

We all have been so ingrained in our personal religious beliefs stemming from Western Theological Philosophy and its Greek Mythological concepts that it is difficult to tell someone or explain where some of these had their origin. So in this blog I just want to challenge you to look into some things for yourself rather than my telling them to you here. The Internet is repleat with imformation concerning the historical origins of these thoughts. So let's go.

The Doctrine of Eternal Torment
Where the concept of "Purgatory" came from. Search Plato and Purgatory.
The Origins of Hell Fire and Torment
The Theology of Universal Reconciliation
Universal Redemption
Zoroastrian Hell
Egyptian Hell
Greek Hell
Plato and Hades
Catholic Hell
Protestant Hell
Johathan Edwards and Hell
Who are these individuals OUTSIDE THE GATES OF THE HOLY CITY? Rev.22
And WHAT are they experiencing?

A picture will clearly emerge as to Just How Much God Loves us all and how damaging some of these past dearly held beliefs are.

I could write a book on the above concepts, AND I HAVE. It is entitled
TRINITARIAN LETTERS-Your Adoption and Inclusion in the Life of God.

Just go to for a preview.

God bless you all , and happy studying.


P.S. Check out and click down on the numerous famous
people who have embraced Universal Reconciliation over the centuries.

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