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Feb 13, 2009


Just look around the world with all of its suffering, misery, starvation of children, disease, dying and death. Not a pretty picture. Some would even say and do say that "if" there were a God He would not allow all of this suffering to continue. As if that were some test of God's existence!

This world is being largely controled presently by the god of this world, Satan and his fallen angels. ( II Cor. 4:4 ; Eph.2:2; Eph.6).

But, while this age of man continues God's Son has entered this world as saviour and deliverer. Subjectively we see all the suffering, but Objectively God sees the end result and the final outcome of the redemption and salvation of humanity in Jesus Christ. Jesus finished what He came to do. ( John 19:30). But, it is not all "DONE" yet. (Rev.21:6). Ultimately the end result of God's Master Plan which includes ALL of humanity will be "DONE" and COMPLETED with an eternal existence wherein only Righteousness dwells. That day is coming, to be sure!

Satan has been defeated. The Salvation of all mankind has been accomplished in Jesus Christ. That is the Good News. ( You are included too!).

But, where is Jesus now in all of the suffering in the world? Jesus is and continues to be the Saviour of humanity. He is humanity's advocate at the Fathers's right hand. He is the the Comforter in the Spirit which walks along side all people now.

Where there is suffering in dying children in some third world country Jesus in there inside those children gently holding them in His arms of comfort in mind and spirit waiting to carry them to the Father's right hand. ( Eph.2:6). Can you imagine what their lot would be if Jesus did not care or if He were not individually involved in their precious little lives? Sparrows falling and the number of hair on their heads applies too!

We tend to put so much impact on this physical here and now life that often we overlook the REAL life of life IN the Triune God He has created for all humanity.
Make no mistake, the suffering described here is real. But God loves all humans equally and has provided "something" better in life with Him forever.

Where there is sin in a person's life, and there are many, Jesus enters in and assumes the sin and takes it upon Himself. He becomes the sin for us.( II Cor. 5:19-21). He suffers for us. He lifts us up to the Father in the Spirit--FOREVER. Jesus makes it happen.
He does so for the most "saintly" Christian, and for the lowliest child in a third world country or in a major country for that matter.

How Jesus loves us all individually may be subject for debate, but all children in suffering miserable hellish circumstances on this earth can say with all other children, " Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so!"

Paul Kurts

Madison, ALabama


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