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Salvation is NOT the Reward of the Saved!

Jul 30, 2008

Salvation is not the Reward of the Saved!!! Salvation is not conditional or a contest for humans. Universal Salvation is NOT true. Calvanism which says some are "elected" to be saved and others "elected" to be condemned is NOT true. Armenianism which says that those once saved can recant and become "unsaved" is not true. If Salvation is the Reward of the Saved, then "something" would have to be done to "win" the Reward. Salvation is an announcement that we ARE saved in Jesus.

God's ORIGINAL purpose was to create man and have man in God's life forever. This plan was accomplished in Jesus Christ. It ALL depended and depends on Jesus Christ, not humans. The ONLY thing any human can do is to believe it. It is True whether or not one believes it or not. We don't make it true. IT IS TRUE. The ONLY thing we CAN do is to believe it and thereby EXPERIENCE it now and forever.

Salvation and our participation in the life of God is an ANNOUNCEMENT. It is not conditional or a contest to see if one will make it. All humanity HAS made it already in Jesus Christ. The only question remaining for anyone is, " Will the individual BELIEVE it?" And, that is the ONLY requirement Jesus placed on Humans--Belief in Him.

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