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Jun 23, 2009

.WHAT'S NEW ABOUT NEW AGE PHILOSOPHY??? Modern pundits would have you to believe that believing in new age thought is something 'new' when in fact it is not new at all, it only now is being called by new and different names.

Mankind has ALWAYS sought to explain life, creation and existence in terms of relativity and conceptions devoid of any respect to and for a Creator God. Existential metaphysical evolutionary concepts of explanation leaving a Creator God out of the picture have been around for thousands of years. Different names have defined these ideas forever. Atheism, gnosticism, pantheism, and the like are not new.

There is nothing new about reincarnation, past lives, contact with past life individuals, astrological predictions for ones present life based on the movement of the planets and stars and whether Saturn's Moons are sitting on the axis of Paraguay!

There is no end to the speculations conjured up by seers, soothsayers, and Gypsies in plying their trade. The amazing thing is that many educated people actually buy into this Bull Shi_t ( Shirt) as if it were the Truth to end all Truths.

When one understands the real Gospel of Jesus Christ one realizes that he or she was chosen before the foundation of the COSMOS to be adopted and included into the very life of the Triune God to live forever with Him--all made possible by the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. ( Ephesians 1:3-14). There simply is NO room for any falderall of reincarnaton and new age Bull Shi_t ( Shirt) to be considered.

You and all other humans are and have been the childeren God always loved and wanted to be with Him in His life forever. That is the Gospel. Jesus Christ made it happen for evryone. You are included in that wonderful truth and fact. How good is that?

New Age 'stuff' will come and go, but none of it will ever take the place of the Truth of all Truths who is Jesus Christ.



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