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May 28, 2008

The Theological ignorance of many Christians is appalling. The self-centered arrogance is equally disturbing. A Christian friend of mine told me just the other day that he had a problem with the idea that there would be those in the resurrection at the last day who were not already Christians. The sad thing is that he believes this. He further stated that he did not believe that anyone could find out about Jesus and His salvation "after" death.

With this perspective in mind can you begin to see how many human beings who have lived on this earth would be excluded from eternal life in the glories of heaven. This man's idea was that all of these "lost" souls would just go to Hell and burn and suffer forever. Where is the God of Love in that picture?

If this sounds like bad theology to you--and it IS--let's now take a look at some scriptures which demonstrate that these individuals who never heard the name of Jesus were SAVED by Jesus and it will take the other side of the grave for them to find out about it!

Before you think that this is "Post Mortem" theology which says people have a chance at salvation after death, think again. It IS saying that all people were redeemed and reconciled to the Father by Jesus Christ. Many have died just not knowing it!!! The only way for them to find out about it is AFTER death. Then they will know they were loved and saved by Jesus and then have the opportunity to accept it and believe it.

They will find out that Jesus was slain from the foundation of the world thus His blood reached to all humans. ( Rev.13:8). They will find out that Jesus' blood covered their sins and was the propitiation for--the payment for--ALL peoples sins. They will realize that they too were crucified with Christ, raised with Christ, and ascended to the Father's right hand in Christ along side all humans who ever lived. ( Ehpesians 2:6). Then to experience this, they must accept it and believe it. By not believing it only misery and suffering would remain for them.

I can not believe that Christians are satisfied with multiple billions of people suffering in a state of Hell forever because they did not find out in this life WHO Jesus Christ was/is.

God's plan for mankind to be with Him forever was architected before the foundation of the world for ALL humanity. ( Ephesians 1:3-14).

Remember "as in Adam all die, so in Jesus Christ ALL will be made alive, EVERYONE in time." ( I Corinthians 15:22-23 ).

I believe Lord, help my unbelief.

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