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Jun 30, 2011

Revelation 21 and 22 conclude the Bible's scriptures. These chapters show New Jerusalem, the Holy City, in it splendor after the age of man, physical man, is over. Both chapters indicate the two catagories of humans who have ever lived on this earth. One group is INSIDE the Holy City and the other group is OUTSIDE. Since the gates are never shut to those outside they can decide to come inside once they accept and believe WHO they really are IN Jesus, ie, wash their robes and overcome their unbelief. The Spirit and the Bride tell them to COME IN. Drink of the water of life freely.

Greek Mythology influenced the Christian religion to the extent that it would have one believe that these outside the City, so called 'lost' would be burning in the Greeks Hell. But Revelation 21 and 22 show a far different picture of those who are wandering around in darkness and weeping and gnashing their teeth!

Since God is not willing for any to perish but come to belief, Metanoia, Gk for repent ( II Pt.3:9 ) these outside the gates will forever be encouraged to come to belief and come in to the celebration of Heaven.

Quite a difference than the PAGAN concept of one burning in "hell" forever. Sorry Jonathan Edwards but the truth is truly GOOD NEWS for EVERYONE--sooner or later.



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