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Jan 19, 2010

. JEALOUSY. What a terrible character trait. And, we ALL have it. You are jealous and I am jealous. So I am accusing you of being jealous and I know I am jealous.
Now this trait can take on many many different complexities. Which we won't go into now. But there is one area that I want to discuss with all of us. Because it affects all of us.

This is the area of Jealousy that affects all of us in NOT recognizing an accomplishment another (peer) has done.

Why? Well, somehow it diminishes us in our own eyes to realize that another has done something or accomplished something what we HAVE NOT. Well maybe we could have if we had not been so lazy or had lacked the ability or the education to have accomplished the same thing, but nevertheless, we did not do it and someone else did and therefore we are jealous. We are envious.

Why can we not just esteem the other better than ourselves. BETTER THAN OURSELVES. Especially in this or that particular area. Well we are vain and self centered and we do not want another rising above us in any area and we just ignore the situation.

We deal with it in passive non response. We just do not want to recognize what the accomplishment is or was since it will demean our personal self respect. We deny what another has done since it mitigates against what we have done or not done.

Are we all human or what? Hey, swallow your pride and learn to esteem another GREATER than yourself. Give praise where praise is due. Encourage another. Git off of your self wagon and support what others do and are doing. OR, DO SOMETHING YOURSELF.

Damn, I am good. Hell, No one is better than me. I am the best. I am the greatest.
No one can outdo me. The proof is in the pudding. Eat and swallow your pride.

God bless all of you,

Paul Kurts, Pastor Paul
Madison, Alabama


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