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Hell For Some or Salvation for ALL ?

Jul 20, 2012

Shocking as it may seem to most of us Jesus and the early New Testament church leaders did NOT preach and or teach anything about any type of eternal torment or what we call Hell for 500 years. Salvation was just declared for ALL people of all time. This GOOD NEWS caused the early church for this 500 years to grow even in the face of extreme persecution and maryterdom.

With the translation of scripture by Jerome in 382 A.D. called the Latin Vulgate, the concept of a hell entered the text due to some very bad translation of old Latin scriptures and the Greek septuigent version of the Bible. Then, in 550 A.D. the Roman emperor , Justinian, declared the concept of eternal torment, or Plato's Hell, to be the official positon of the Roman Empire on this subject. Justinian rejected what had been taught for nearly 500 years in the church in favor of the hell concept.

In the early 1300's when Dante wrote his demented concept of the inferno in his Divine Comedy poem, the idea stuck and has been in the church ever since. Of course Dante had the Devil locked in solid ICE
in the deepest region of hell along with others who were frozen in ICE in some regions of hell as well.

Maybe we need to study a little more about the complete salvation of ALL of mankind and leave the Greek Mythology out of our Christian experience. After all, the Good News really is GOOD NEWS FOR EVERYONE.
P.S. Email me for a study package on the pagan idea of HELL. I will send it to you via email.
God Bless
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