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Aug 28, 2011


In the concept of Western Theological Philosophical thinking  Salvation has its emphasis on the NOW.  As in IICor.6:2, " is the day of salvation."  Proceeding from ancient Greek mythology and in particular Plato and later St. Augustine of Hippo the immediacy of salvation now or the lostness of one now has carried on down through the Christian Church for 1500 years.

If this is so, then God is a miserable failure in saving his children!  Most, under this concept, would be relegated to the tortures of some hellish existence after death for all of eternity.  Those who never heard the name of Jesus Christ would fit into this category.  300 million who lived BEFORE Christ would.  95% plus of all of the 100 billion humans who have lived since Adam would as well.  The 60% of all humans who have lived on earth have lived in areas of the world which are not Christian and never have been.  That is 60 billion plus humans.   Can we see a problem here in conflict with Jn.3:16-17?

Jesus came to seek and to save what was lost and I believe He did. Luke 19:10.  When you actually look at the reality of the FACTS in this issue it becomes apparent, at least to me, that God never intended for EVERYONE to come to the knowledge of Salvation in Christ in this life!!!  Yes, some few, as in many are called and few chosen. Mt.20:16.  Or, Judgement in now on the house of God. IPt.4:17.  But this is but a small flock as Jesus said his present day church would be made up of All believers. 

If God is not out for all of the world to know THE TRUTH  which is in Jesus, why should we feel failure if we do not reach everyone on earth with the Truth?  Are we one-upping God?

I know this is  a big curve ball for some of us, but read on.  We know that Jesus' life, death, resurrection and ascension applies to everyone who has ever lived.  ICor.15:22.  Simply ALL !!!  But how do they all find out about it and what about human life now?

In my book, TRINITARIAN LETTERS, YOUR ADOPTION AND INCLUSION IN THE LIFE OF GOD, one letter deals with the concept that Salvation is a DECLARATION by God, Not a potentiality or possibility for humans to achieve.  But it is true for everyone.  But, how does one find out about it if one has never heard of the truth?

Here is a radical statement.  God is NOT dealing with the sins of man now since he has bound man over to disobedience so that He may have MERCY  on ALL---ALL. Romans 11:32.  In Acts 17:30, in our humanity God simply overlooks our ignorance  all the while knowing He has dealt with our sin in Jesus Christ who BECAME SIN for us.

More radical statements follow.  Note:  In Hebrews 9:27 it states that "it is appointed once for man to die, but AFTER this the judgment.  The judgment is AFTER death.  Read it again. Note again, the word here for judgment is not a sentencing but the Greek word used is "krisis" from which we get our word crisis.  It means facing a decision of magnitude which is in a Crisis situation.     As all stand before the judgment seat of Christ, which is OBVIOUSLY after death, this is when most of all of Adam's children will find out about the wonderful plan of God for THEM.  All judgment is given to the Son and He will clearly explain to everyone at that time just what it was that He did for each person who has ever lived.

Revelataion 22:17, however, shows that there will still be some who may have to wander around in "darkness' until they accept the Bride and the Spirit's invitation to repent ( metanoia--accept who they are in Jesus ) and come into the intimate relationship inside the life of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and celebrate.

We MUST get past the pagan concept of some kind of torturing, burning, suffering, punishing, retributive, "HELL FIRE", get away from pagan Greek mythology and it's damnable false doctrines and embrace the truth of a Loving God who unconditionally loves all us and has SAVED us all in Jesus.  We all just need to come to know it and believe it. 

It has taken me 45 years to come to see this, I hope it doesn't take you that long !

May God richly bless you and yours,


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