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Oct 21, 2011

FEARING DEATH !!! Why do humans fear death?  Hebrews 2:15 tells us that " we were held in slavery by the fear of death."  But why?  If Jesus has reconciled all things to the Father and redeemed all of humanity and declared that in him all are made alive in Him by Paul ( I Cor.15:22  ) and that He, Jesus, has blessed all of us with every spiritual blessing in Christ and with every treasure of the heavenlies ( Eph.1), then WHY would one fear Death?

The pagan concept, from Greek Mythology, that one would be tortured and burn forever if one's evil deeds out weighed one's good deeds was a common concept in the Hellenistic world.  When that concept came into the Christian church  around the 5th century A.D. the fear of death continued on unabated in the church.  But, God the Father is not interested in torturing anyone but that all would come to see who they are in His plan and family made a reality in Jesus Christ. And for some this "metanoia" or change of mind or repentance could last forever if one persisted in denying the Truth that is in Jesus.  The invitation to come into the Holy City is an open invitation which does not end for those OUTSIDE the gates of Heavenly Jerusalem. ( Rev. 22:17).   The Great Triune God is LOVE.  And, His love continues on forever.  His mercy is everlasting. His patience is unending.  He loves His children and always will.

When we see what Jesus has done for ALL of us to take us ALL to the Father's right hand ( Eph.2:6)  we have no need or desire to FEAR DEATH any longer.  Death is a passage into a New existence with a glorified body and a life that never ends.

At the Father's right hand are PLEASURES forevermore which we read in Psalm 16:11.  How can one fear that promise!!!  So, Jesus tells us through Luke  12:32,  ..." Fear NOT, little flock, it is your Father's good pleasure to Give you the Kingdom."  You are included in that promise and have been adopted into the very life of God since before the creation of the cosmos.  ( See Eph.1).

I John 4:18 tells us that Love casts out fear which is related to PUNISHMENT.  While  Greek Mythology is related to PUNISHMENT, God the loving Father simply is Not.  The Father is in the Saving and Blessing business!

May we all be blessed with this understanding of God and His love.

God bless,


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