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Oct 26, 2010

This CAN'T be right! This probably will be many, if not most's reaction to this blog." I never heard it this way and I don't believe it!" Rather than ask you to just believe me here, I do ask that you do your OWN research into this subject as there is much information concerning this topic. More info at the end of this blog.

Churches which have come from the Roman Catholic Church, and the Catholic Church as well, have adopted and preached a wrong concept of salvation along with a false and pagan Platonic concept of HELL which originated with the Greek philosopher Plato in the 400's B.C. ( Just Google search for yourself, " PLATO'S HELL.") This false doctrine was incorporated into the Catholic Church by St. Augustine of Hippo in the
5th Century A.D. Augustine was an avid reader of Plato and saw that by putting this philosophy of eternal torture and punishment into church doctrine it would keep members "in line" and paying their money and through FEAR obedient to the teachings of the church.

Many churches today do NOT teach such torture in any "hell fire", but for the lost SEPARATION from God. But this is ALSO a false teaching as well. Humans can no more be separated from God than they can be separated from their own shadow.

So what is hell then? To make a long story short, hell is simply living one's life making one's own decisions based upon one's own thinking coming from a darkened mind with a fallen sinful nature which we all have inherited from the first Adam. This
"eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" leads only to a life of sin, strife, misery, suffering, angst, unhappiness, war, divorce, addictions and every other evil existence man experiences described in scripture as...HELL. AND, this suffering can last FOREVER if one never comes to see WHO he or she is IN Jesus Christ. Even at the 'Final Judgement' before the Throne of God one can STILL refuse to accept and believe that God LOVES them and that they have forgiveness and salvation and eternal life GIVEN to them IN Jesus Christ. They can Continue in HEll.

The Good News is that The Father does not give up!!! Just like the father in the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15, the Father continues to seek for the older son to come into the party.

The GOOD NEWS is simply this: Salvation has been given to EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER LIVED. Universal redemption and reconciliation has been extended to ALL. ( I Cor.15:22). All died in Adam and the same ALL have been made alive in Jesus, the Second Adam.) We do not try to 'get someone saved', they ALREADY ARE SAVED IN JESUS. Sharing the GOSPEL then is INFORMING someone that they ARE saved and loved and adopted and included in the life of the Triune God all made to happen to them by the life, death, resurreciton and ascension of Jesus Christ. Then it is up to them with the help of the Holy Spirit to accept it and believe it and then EXPERIENCE IT.
Sadly, scripture allows for some to not accept it and believe it even forever. They would then simply exist OUTSIDE the party not enjoying the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and not experiencing the 'pleasures at the right hand of God.' ( See Psalms 16:11).

It may take another Millennium for a deceived Christian world to come to see these truths. Until then all may know that they are loved by God and that their eternal life is secure in Jesus Christ.

I know I shall get raked over the coals for this post, but I ask you to do your homework on the subject. Much information exist on this topic. Check out the Blog Roll on this site. Go to for more information. Go to
Go to PERICHORESIS.ORG. And these are just for starters. So much is available to lift us out of the darkness and into the light of Jesus. (John 8:12.) God bless you in your studies.



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