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Jun 22, 2010

Modern religionists want to make the Gospel SO conditional that it is beyond the reach of most human beings. Statements like, "you CAN be saved," or "you CAN be forgiven" permeate the doctrinal landscape of many professing Christians.

Verses such as " God so loved the world", become God so loved 'most' or 'some' of the world with that love being limited to only those who would somehow 'qualify' for that love.

Or, I Cor. 15:22, "As in Adam ALL die, in Christ ALL are / will be made alive." This is read as , " If one does the appropriate applications then one CAN be made alive in Christ." My point is that either we are made alive in Christ or we are not. No if, ands, or buts.

In Ephesians 1, either we ALL were chosen in Jesus Christ BEFORE the foundation of the world to be blameless IN HIS SIGHT ( By His declaration as an act of God) or we were not. Which is it? What hoops and ladders do we have to jump through or climb to attain this blamelessness? What do we have to do to be a part of His pleasure and will? Can we just be allowed to play God for a little while so we can make all of God's plan work out so He will LIKE it? Either we ALL were chosen before the foundation of the world or we were not.

God's plan and the Salvation of the Cosmos and humanity is not Conditional. It is not a potentiality or possibility. The Good News is not contractural. It is not based on us or anything humanity can do. The Good News is simply an ANNOUNCEMENT OR PROCLOMATION of what God HAS DONE ALREADY for all of humanity IN Jesus Christ.

The Good News is that you--ALL of you- have been given a part in it by our Great Triune God and loving Saviour, Jesus Christ. Did He or Didn't He?

He Did.


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