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Jul 11, 2009

Hard as it is to believe there are people in the world, known as 'Cave dwellers' who live in the depths and darkness of caves, some who never see the light of in total darkness. Some, if not most, don't even realize that there is a real world of light and beauty outside of the cave that is their life. And, oddly enough, they would not even believe that that world exists outside of the cave. They live in total DARKNESS.

Religious darkness is just as abysmal. Those living in the false understandings of bad theology suffer from not knowing the freeing truth of Jesus Christ and His love for them and all others. They feel, often, separated from God, cut off, not loved, not liked, unsaved, lost, ever seeking to 'find' God in order to accept Him into their life and connect with Him. They are ever seeking to find a way to appease and or please God enough to make Him love and like them so that they can somehow get into His good graces and attain eternal life and miss the eternal torments of hell fire. " And this is the GOOD NEWS??????" I don't think so.

Jesus is the light of the world. All of it. John 8:12. He brings light to those living in the darkened caves of their religious minds. He is the light that shines in the darkness of bad religion. Bad theology. Bad church. He is the way the truth and the life. John 14:6.

Jesus says that God is love. That the great Triune God loves all of us and wants to live with all of us forever. That He has forgiven us all of our sins. That He has adopted us all into His life in Jesus. Eph.1:3-14. That He has included us into His very life. John 14:20. That He has always loved and wanted us individually and personally as His sons and daughters in His life forever. AND, has made it happen in Jesus. How good is that???????

Cave dwelling religionists can't see this life and light. It makes no sense to them. They are forever trying to get to a place that has no road to take them there. There is only one road. One way. One street. One highway. One door. Jesus.

Let's cut to the chase. God says I love you. I have made arrangements to have you live with Me forever. It is a done deal. Now deal with it.

Can you believe God loves you this much? Can you believe God is this big?

May God allow all of us to come out of the caves we are bound up in and see the light.



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