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Apr 26, 2011

Why do we believe the things we believe as though they are true?  We probably all grew up with a lady familiar to all of us by the name of Betty Crocker.  We also grew up with the name Hell fire for lost souls.   So what do these two have in common?  Answer:  They both came from the mind of another person!

Betty Crocker never existed either!  The name was a marketing idea from General Mills in 1921 and created by a lady by the name of Marjorie C. Husted.  But due to marketing success the name, Betty Crocker, became synonomous with the American dream of the lady of the house in the kitchen creating wonderful dishes for her dear family.  Fable.  Fairy Tale. 

In the same way the concept of 'Hell fire' and punishment and torture for evil people came from the minds of fallen pagons eons ago.  The Egyptians had the concept, the Greeks had the same idea , and all of their inventions of hell came from darkend minds with a fallen nature.  It just seemed right for punishment to follow a life of evil.  As well as a reward for being good , whatever that meant.  And, all of this pre-dating the Bible some several thousand years!

In fact , the early New Testament church actually laughed at the concept of a fire burning and punishing hell fire for the damned.  They knew better.  There was no way the church was going to embrace pagan theology of a torturing hell in their doctrines.  They knew that not accepting and believing who one was in Jesus and one's subsequent wandering around in darkness was "hell".  They knew all were adopted and included in Jesus Life and that He had made it a reality for all people.  Belief was the key.

Yes, Betty Crocker and Hell and Damnation have a lot in common.  Both are fables and fairy tales totally untrue , yet believed by many.

So where do you stand?  Do you maintain that Betty Crocker actually did live and that Hell and damnation are true, or are you man or woman enough to look into the subject for yourself and determine the truth that is available for everyone

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